What is it?

Amendments to the Distribution Code mean that all distributed generators (with the exception of PV installations of 50kW or less) are required to upgrade their G59 connection before April 2022.


The Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme is a scheme put in place by the National Grid and DNO's, designed to encourage and accelerate compliance with new requirements in the Distribution Code. 


Loss of Mains protection is used to prevent damage when there are problems on the electricity distribution network, however the techniques which have been used historically can disconnect generation when it is not necessary to do so. This unnecessary disconnection is more likely to happen when more renewable generation is running.


The main benefit of this is to reduce the amount of unnecessary tripping by relaxing the RoCoF limits (rate of change of frequency). This ultimately reduces network costs and means more low carbon power to flow at lower cost.

What Will It Cost?

If you act promptly, nothing. A grant scheme is being rolled out on a first come first served basis. If you leave it until after August 2020, it could cost you £4,000 per relay.


There is a limited window of opportunity to claim the grant money before it has been allocated. There are currently four windows of opportunity to claim this funding with the last one closing in August 2020.

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