As the country moves away from centralised power distribution towards a de-centralised model, the power grid faces many challenges to meet the changing demands of the network. 

The grid needs to be upgraded to meet these changes, but whilst this is taking place, grid resilience is affected and a renewable energy solution is a reliable cost effective alternative method of keeping the lights on and businesses operating.

Factor in extreme weather conditions becoming more common adversely affecting grid resilience coupled with rising energy prices, then a taking control of your energy supply with a renewable energy solution becomes an attractive and viable proposition.

Knowledge Gap

Many people have heard of Ground Source Heat Pumps, Solar and Battery Energy Storage Systems, but not many know who the leaders, movers and shakers are, which are the companies to avoid and which will provide the best solutions. 

That’s where EE Power comes in.

We have the industry knowledge and experience to ensure that you get the best advice and between us deliver the most cost effective renewable energy solution.

Independent Advice

EE Power is not tied to any one manufacturer, distributor or installer, enabling us to select the most appropriate solution for your unique solution. EE Power works with a number of technology partners who deliver and install the projects.

How We Work

Before EE Power proposes a project, we need to understand your business objectives and drivers relating to energy and your current energy usage and spend through an initial meeting or conversation.

We then ask for copies of your most recent power and heating bills (electric/gas/oil etc.) and the last 12 months of energy bills and profile data, if available.

This information enables us to understand your energy demand profile and to recommend the most cost effective energy solution or solutions to meet your unique situation.

We also ask you to sign a Letter of Authority. This enables us to contact energy suppliers and network operators on your behalf.