the alternative to unleaded and diesel power

Increasing Demand

As a result of increasing motor vehicles on our roads and the resultant increase in carbon emissions there is a much stronger emphasis on being greener, reducing energy costs and adapting to an ever changing environment.

Battery technology for Electric Vehicles has come a long way in recent years and is constantly improving, stimulating demand for electric cars and importantly a robust charging network.  

This will lead to companies needing to install workplace EV charging units, benefitting both employees and visitors who typically leave their vehicle typically stationary for more than 4 hours per day.



Grant Available For Businesses

A grant scheme to reduce the cost of having an EV charging point or points installed at business premises is now available. The scheme is being rolled out on a first come first served basis, which could save you up to £500 per point.

The cost and grant available depend on number of factors such as the number of points required, whether they are wall or pole mounted and the capacity of the points.

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