Follow our Smart Approach to Carbon Zero….

….in 10 Steps 


1. Use Smart – start with the fabric of the building and ensure that your property is as well insulated as possible. Replace traditional lighting with LED lights to reduce consumption. Install PIRs and heating controls to reduce wasted energy when rooms are not in use. 

2. Buy Smart - ensure you are on the lowest tariff for your requirements. Speak to our partners at Utility Works to get the best prices

3. Measure Smart – measure, review and act on the results! 

4. Call or email EE Power and have an initial conversation with us

5. Complete a Letter of Authority and provide us with energy billing data

6. Site visit – we aim to visit your site within two weeks of our initial conversation – subject to availability of both parties. We discuss your requirements, drivers and constraints and advise the most effective solution, which may consist of more than one technology

7. Proposal – we visit you again and present our proposal document to you, answering any questions and concerns. The time to get proposals to clients vary depending on the complexity of the project, but generally we aim to get a proposal to you within four weeks of the site visit

8. Agreement – initial deposit paid and the project commences

9. Installation and commissioning of the project

10. Review of situation post install. Demonstration of the impact of the project on consumption demand, import and or export of energy etc. Discussion about future projects