Why do I need a battery solution?

Because the sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t always blow, and certainly not at the times when we need power! Therefore, we need a buffer to store the energy when it is produced until such time as it is needed. This can either be to offset the on-site load peaks (and reduce imported grid power), or to export at the most price effective Half Hourly periods. 

Our Energy Storage Systems acts as your buffer and intelligently determines when to charge/discharge power across your site, when to import and export power to and from the grid and ultimately lowers your energy bill. 

Grid Balancing Services

Our Energy Storage Systems have fast response times and a fast power swing, this enables the systems to be utilised by the National Grid to help provide grid balancing services. 

National Grid has an obligation to maintain the grid voltage and frequency at certain levels as well as ensuring there is enough energy to satisfy demand. As more and more micro renewable generation is installed this becomes more difficult to predict as power is often produced when it is not needed or not being produced when it is needed most. 


What can I do with a Battery ESS

· Bridge gaps in power generation and provide an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) facility avoiding disruptions to business operations

· Avoid additional charges, such as Triads, by Peak Shaving and Load Shifting to reduce the maximum demand and moving power consumption to lower charge periods.

· The ESS is a complimentary technology that increases your Return on Investment of existing renewable energy solutions, by increasing Own Consumption from existing on-site Renewables generation, such as solar or wind.

· The ESS acts as a buffer by holding the power generated until it is needed for consumption or export, thus improving the performance.

· Maximise the potential of your interconnect agreement, by exporting power at the most economically beneficial Half Hourly period

· Provide off grid capability to other generation facilities (create ‘false’ / ‘fake’ grid)

· Provide Grid Balancing Services

· Avoid connection and distribution charges from the National Grid

· Provides security of supply in the event of of power cuts, thus reducing your business’s exposure to issues on the National Grid.

How long do they last

A plug and play ESS is designed to continue operating for 20-25 years. However, the performance of the battery does determinate over time and so it is crucial to understand the capacity deterioration when correctly specifying a battery solution, to ensure the ESS continues to operate as intended for its lifespan.

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  EE Power can facilitate a complete plug and play Energy Storage Solution combining the best installers whilst utilising the highest quality components from industry leading manufactures including BYD, ABB, Samsung, Siemens, Victron and SMA